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The old cities of the Netherlands offer visitors the peaceful and idyllic experiences of medieval Europe, so be sure to bring your bike or rent one locally, because there is no country in the world today to explore, no matter which city you decide to make your starting point.

There are many beautiful open landscapes that are protected, so outdoor adventures are just a stone’s throw from just about any place in the country. One of the best places is Hoge Veluwe National Park, where you can get lost in an endless evergreen and wild countryside. There are lots of bogs, forests and even dunes here, just waiting for you and your camera.

Once upon a time, even the Romans reached up to Holland and created unique underground fortresses that are always worth a visit. Every generation that has ever called this country their home has left their mark on Holland somewhere and this means there is always a chance to find the perfect moment. You can choose to explore over 2000 years of history, take a moment to enjoy a cocktail or just enjoy the friendly atmosphere of a brown cafe.

One of the more forgotten cities is the government city of The Hague, it is definitely worth a visit on holiday in the Netherlands. The Plein and Grote Markt squares are full of lovely restaurants, coffee shops and lively nightclubs. At Europe’s largest outdoor market ‘The Hague Mart’ you can go exploring and buy everything from heaven and earth as well as a little extra. If you like art, visit the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, which has a large collection of modern art, and ‘Escher på Paladset’, whose graphic and somewhat mysterious art will amaze and entertain you.


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    Questions and answers

    The language of the Netherlands

    What language is spoken in the Netherlands?

    There are two official languages ​​in the Netherlands, that is Dutch, colloquially called Dutch and Frisian.

    Frisian is spoken in the province of Friesland which is located in northern Holland, there are about 350,000 people who speak Frisian.

    How many inhabitants does the Netherlands have?

    The total population of the Netherlands is approximately 17,300,000

    What is the capital of the Netherlands?

    The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam while The Hague is the city of government with the government and the two chambers of parliament

    When did the Netherlands join the EU?

    The Netherlands joins the EU, the country was admitted on 1 January 1958

    Are the Netherlands part of Schengen?

    Yes, the Netherlands has been a member of the Schengen cooperation since 26 March 1995

    Is the Netherlands a member of NATO?

    Yes, the Netherlands has been a member of the NATO Alliance since 24 August 1949

    What time is it in the Netherlands?

    The Netherlands has a time zone of UTC +1. So no matter where you are in the country, the time is the same.

    Can you drink tap water in the Netherlands?

    There are generally no problems with drinking the water from the taps, but many would rather be on the safe side and buy bottled water, it is not very expensive and it can be bought in kiosks everywhere.

    When is it best to travel to the Netherlands?

    The best travel time for a holiday in the Netherlands.

    In general, there is a mild climate in the Netherlands so the country can be visited all year round. However, the best time is mid-April, when there is the least rain and the tulips are in bloom. Autumn from September to November is the period when there is the most rain.

    Is it safe to travel in the Netherlands?

    There are generally no issues with personal safety when moving around the country. Of course, there is the usual with various scammers, especially in the larger cities where most tourists travel, but this is a problem you will find almost everywhere.

    Family holiday with children in the Netherlands

    If you are going on a family holiday with children to the Netherlands, you can see here some links with ideas for the holiday.

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    Covid-19 / Coronavirus in the Netherlands

    Here you can see figures and statistics for Covid-19 / Coronavirus in the Netherlands. The figures are updated automatically from an external database. If you need to use the numbers professionally or you need to have current rules regarding rules for travel to and from the country, it is recommended that you seek current information from the official authorities’ websites.

    Travel restrictions for travel to the Netherlands

    All countries can impose travel restrictions and impose border controls without prior notice. For current updates and information on current travel restrictions, you should always check the official websites that have been updated.

    How are quarantine rules in the Netherlands?
    What are the rules for social distance in the Netherlands?
    What are the rules for face masks in the Netherlands?
    What are the travel rules for trains and buses in the Netherlands?

    Official government information

    You can search for further information on the official website

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    Official WHO recommendations

    Official, updated medical travel advice and recommendations during the COVID-19 / Coronavirus outbreak

    WHO website

    Current figures for Covid-19 in the Netherlands

    See current figures for active cases of Covid-19

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    Total recovered
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