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Amsterdam – An easily accessible city with many options

Visit Amsterdam Amsterdam Video Amsterdam facts For many, Amsterdam is the ultimate city to visit. Part of this is due to the reputation that Amsterdam has for...

Travel by train

Train travel is becoming more and more popular. Please note that not all train companies participate in international cooperation, if the train company does not participate internationally, you can see further information on the national website.

In the search engine you can see prices, timetables and train connections and you can compare prices and train times with other modes of transport.

Travel by plane

Flights are an option and you can search for the cheapest flights in search engine that shows you the different airlines and prices of airline tickets.

Travel by bus

If you want to travel by bus it is possible. The search engine searches for bus, train and air connections to your destination, including Flixbus' many bus routes and compares prices and times with other modes of transport.

Travel by car

If you want to drive in your own car, you can find prices in search engine that searches for both hotels and apartments on all the major portals as well as the hotels' own pages. There can be very big difference in prices and with a search you can see best deals with one click.

Tourist Information

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