Facts about Denmark

There are many fascinating countries in Northern Europe which each offer tourists the chance to find out more about this beautiful region and experience the interesting culture. One of the most popular is Denmark which has a pleasant combination of the European mainland and Scandinavia.

If you are looking for an adventure that is luxurious, relaxed and which is a fantastic experience, then you are ready to visit Denmark. Beaches, fjords and beautiful parks offer an adventure lover everything they could wish for.

What to see in Denmark?

Denmark is one of the best places in the world to have an active holiday. The mild weather is perfectly complimented by the many opportunities to explore, so you can visit any city and have the perfect holiday. From Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, one of the most iconic capitals on the continent, to the many peaceful and rural destinations, Denmark offers something for everyone.

Most people who come to Denmark choose to stay in the country’s beautiful capital. Copenhagen is located in the eastern part of the country, and it is one of the most popular metropolitan destinations in Europe. It’s the perfect place for anyone wanting to explore, but it’s important to realize that there are several places that offer ideal bases.

Some other good places to visit in Denmark are, for example: Aalborg, a beautiful university town in the north, and Esbjerg, a port on Jutland’s west coast. Odense is also a good choice, partly because it is home to a number of charming old-fashioned buildings.

Denmark is about more pleasant cities. The food culture in Denmark is also at the top of its class. It begins with a visit to Noma, which is rated as the best restaurant in the world. If it is not in your budget, then there are great fast food options in even the smaller towns.

Denmark also brings history to life with each step. Whether you walk down the streets of Copenhagen, or you are out to visit one of the country’s fantastic castles, there is something to discover around every fjord. You can even choose to stay at an authentic Viking camp if you prefer.

When you have finished exploring outside, be sure to step inside to enjoy the many fashion centers that Denmark has to offer. From a local market to some of the world’s best brands.


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    Good to know in Denmark

    The largest cities in Denmark

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    Questions and answers

    The language in Denmark?

    What language do you speak in Denmark?

    The official language in Denmark is Danish. Most speak English and many in the south of the country many also speak German.

    How many inhabitants does Denmark have?

    The total population in Denmark is approximately 5,850,000

    What is the capital of Denmark?

    The capital and largest city in Denmark is Copenhagen

    When did Denmark join the EU?

    Denmark is a member of the EU, the country was admitted on 1 January 1973

    Is Denmark part of Schengen?

    Denmark has participated in the Schengen cooperation since 25 March 2001

    Is Denmark a member of NATO?

    Denmark has been a member of the NATO Alliance since 24 August 1949

    What time is it in Denmark?

    Denmark has a time zone that is UTC +1. So no matter where you are in the country, the time is the same.

    Can you drink tap water in Denmark?

    There are generally no problems with drinking the water from the taps. Those who want to be on the safe side buy bottled water, it is not very expensive and it can be bought in kiosks everywhere.

    When is it best to travel to Denmark?

    When is it best to holiday in Denmark?

    The most popular time to visit Denmark is spring and summer.

    Is it safe to travel in Denmark?

    It is safe to travel in Denmark which, like the rest of Scandinavia, has a low crime rate, as long as you take the same precautions as you would in any other country. This means avoiding deserted areas and refraining from openly displaying valuables in public places.

    Family holiday with children in Denmark

    If you need to take children on holiday to Denmark, here is a link to experiences for children and families.

    Website – Family vacation – Denmark with kids


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