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2Saint Petersburg5.190,000Saint Petersburg
3Novosibirsk1.560,000Novosibirsk Oblast
4Yekaterinburg1.420,000Sverdlovsk Oblast
5Nizhny Novgorod1.250,000Nizhny Novgorod Oblast
7Chelyabinsk1.180,000Chelyabinsk Oblast
8Samara1.170,000Samara Oblast
9Omsk1.170,000Omsk Oblast
10Rostov-na-Donu1.100,000Rostov Oblast
12Krasnoyarsk1.050,000Krasnoyarsk Krai
13Perm1.030,000Perm Krai
14Voronezh1.000,500Voronezh Oblast
15Volgograd1.000,000Volgograd Oblast
16Saratov840,000Saratov Oblast
17Krasnodar800,000Krasnodar Krai
18Tolyatti720,000Samara Oblast
20Ulyanovsk615,000Ulyanovsk Oblast

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