Facts about Austria

Austria borders Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy.

Austria, together with its neighbor, Switzerland, is the place for all of winter’s winter sports. However, it is also popular for summer tourists who visit the historic towns and villages and go hiking in the stunning nature of the Alps.

What to see in Austria?

Contrary to popular belief, Austria is not just about mountains. While the Alps cover three quarters of the country, the eastern provinces of Lower Austria, Burgenland and the federal capital Vienna are more similar to the geography of neighboring Czech Republic and Hungary. This diverse mix of landscapes is located in a relatively small area. Glaciers, meadows, forests, vineyards, rivers, plains and steppes can be found in Austria.

Summer and winter attract visitors to Austria’s mountain landscape. It’s hard to miss the amazing snow-capped peaks and green valleys. Depending on the season, you will find green meadows or white landscapes as far as the eye can see, but no matter what, you will not be disappointed with the wonderful views. The Danube river has created some beautiful landscapes where you can see vineyards. In the stunning landscape lie countless picturesque villages.


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    Questions and answers

    The language of Austria?

    What language do you speak in Austria?

    German is the official language of Austria. It is German that is used in the media and in schools. In relation to High German, Austrian German is very much influenced by the southern German / Bavarian dialect.

    There are three officially recognized regional languages, Hungarian, Slovenian and Croatian.

    How many inhabitants does Austria have?

    The total population of Austria is approximately 8,900,000

    What is the capital of Austria?

    The capital of Austria and the country’s largest city is Vienna

    When did Austria join the EU?

    Austria is a member of the EU, the country was acceded to on 1 January 1995

    Is Austria part of Schengen?

    Yes, Austria has been a member of the Schengen cooperation since 1 December 1997

    Is Austria a member of NATO?

    Austria is not a member of the NATO alliance

    What time is it in Austria?

    Austria has a time zone of UTC +1. So no matter where you are in the country, the time is the same.

    Can you drink tap water in Austria?

    There are generally no problems with drinking the water from the taps, but many would rather be on the safe side and buy bottled water, it is not very expensive and it can be bought in kiosks everywhere.

    When is the best time to travel to Austria?

    When is the best time to holiday in Austria?

    The best time to visit Austria depends on what you expect from your holiday. If you go on a skiing holiday, then winter is of course the best time. Most ski resorts are open between December and March, some extend the season to early May.

    If you visit the Alps for other reasons, such as hiking, it is best from late spring to early fall. If you are visiting the major cities the best time if you want to avoid many tourists is from April to May and September to October.

    Is it safe to travel in Austria?

    You can safely travel around Austria which is one of the safest countries with very little crime. Like all places where there are tourists, there are also pickpockets, apart from these pickpockets there is nothing to fear, just show common sense.

    Family vacation with children in Austria

    If you need to take children on holiday to Austria, here is a link to experiences for children and families.

    Website – Family vacation – Austria with kids


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